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Sep 30, 2002, 12:15p
* Statistics govern what the world thinks. Individuals are meaningful in how they contribute to a statistic. Yet no individual is as meaningful as he wants to be. It's like voting; even statistics do not account for the apathetic statiscee.

* Lines (or, Queues, as they say in England) - Social organization at its simplist. The moment we started forming ... more »

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Sep 27, 2002, 11:54a
* "Promotion" - The word that drives existing Western society. Because we just seem to need to get self-worth from our peers.
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Sep 25, 2002, 11:52a
* Repetition of conversation is directly proportional to extroversion
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Luxury and Massacre
Sep 20, 2002, 12:37p
* The luxury of a long conversation is a great luxury indeed.

* What the Pilgrims, conquistadors, and other settlers did in the name of their Christian God to found the USA is no different from terrorist attacks in the name of a Muslim God. Thing is, would people still do these things even if they didn't have a religion ... more »

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Selfishness and Conversation
Sep 15, 2002, 12:00p
Selfishness and Conversation:

It really is a "dog-eat-dog", or shall I say, "man-talk-man", world out there. I just came back from a party amongst a large group of Indian families and friends, and it's amazing how much each person comes there to talk about themselves. Conversations will volley back and forth, with each participant trying to one up the other. ... more »

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Attachment & Love
Sep 13, 2002, 10:03p
Attachment & Love:

What's the difference between attachment and love? This seems to be the major dilemma in any long-term relationship. I feel that I can "grow to love" almost anyone, but what that really means is that I grow to be attached to my partner. I think that one way to tell the difference between whether you are "in ... more »

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Wave Theory and Relationships
Sep 5, 2002, 9:20p
* The Wave Theory of Interaction
Each person is an irregular, chaotic wave buzzing through the world. With each interaction, however minute, the wave is affected, changed. In this way, every interaction can be defined as the interaction of two waves: one wave is you and the other wave is the object. I guess this is just an advanced visualization ... more »

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Government and Kids
Sep 4, 2002, 2:31p
Let's take away some more responsibilities from the parents. LA Unified School District has made illegal soda vending machines, in an effort to curb child obesity. Starting January 2004, no more sodas will be sold on LAUSD campuses. Here is yet another example. Now, we're teaching kids at a young age to depend on governmental orders rather than their and ... more »

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