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28 Days of Survival Food: Day 22
Aug 15, 2010, 10:14a - Life

(Just some short thoughts right now, as I'm pretty busy installing hardwood floors in our house. I wanted to get something down though.)

Headache lots of mornings, which fades over the day (probably from teeth-clenching - lost nightguard in June).

Days 18 and 19 best so far - calm, detached, very low anxiety.

Don't care about food much any more, since day 19. Being around food is fine. Going to restaurants is fine. Love the smell of foods, esp. melted cheese on pizza.

Installing hardwood.

Down to 136 pounds this morning, after banging away for a couple hours last night. I started at 155 (though I think this was a mis-reading - I think closer to 150, since 155 would be the heaviest I've weighed in the past 3 years since survival school), so I've lost somewhere between 19 and 14 pounds so far.

Don't feel light-headed or weak, just slight headache. Does seem like I have a lot more energy than Becca, as she seems to be falling asleep much earlier than me.

Get lots of joy and energy out of listening to up-beat music - almost feel care-free in that moment (but not quite).

So far, so good. Only 1 more week left. Doesn't feel like much.

I'm even having the crazy idea of maybe extending this thing longer - if X is proportional to time, maybe if I draw it out I'll get bigger X? Though I'm still not sure I'll even experience the food portion of X.

Serious food dream last night (first in a while). At a wedding, and there are freezer's full of deserts - cakes, ice cream, beautiful, gorgeous deserts. I put 2 or 3 on my plate, but everyone keeps breaking their plates because they can't balance the cafeteria trays while opening the freezer door. My falls too, but just flips over and lands sort of OK, no breakage. I'm about to eat when I realize, "Oh shit, I'm fasting, I can't eat this." I wanted to so bad, but I stopped myself. Instead, I ate an egg (we actually found duck eggs on survival school, but I only ate like a quarter of 1). Didn't taste like much, cause I ate it so fast.

I've fully embraced the routine. This is now my life, and that's just the way it is. Still have spot desires for foods (esp. if they smell good), but overall fairly comfortable with my new food life.

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« Estimating Lending Club's ROI (a survival food interlude) - Introducing Brightness Rocker, my first Android app »

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