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FM Bug
May 29, 2006, 2:38p - Technology

I just finished building an FM transmitter I picked up at Fry's, which was cool because it was the first time I ever really soldered something together. Soldering is pain-staking work that tests your eyesight (electronic pins are really small) and hand dexterity (the pins are also close to each other). Here's a pic of the assembled device (borrowed from another site):

But this isn't just any FM transmitter - it's also a bug. It includes a mic and runs on batteries, making it the first step toward launching my own domestice surveillance program.

But to make the bug even better, it should be

a) Smaller: the bug should fit on an integrated circuit smaller than a fingernail, including antennae
b) More efficient: the 9-volt battery only lasts a couple of days; ideally it would be powered by the environment (solar, kinetic vibrations)
c) Mobile: the bug should be able to fly
d) Remote-controlled: flying should be controlled by a remote
e) High-range: the current design only broadcasts up to 150 ft
f) Able to broadcast video in addition to audio
g) Indetectable: the bug should include stealth technologies so that it can avoid detection by various RF sniffers

Alright, enough writing; I'm late helping Dave move.

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Bob - Jul 28, 2013, 4:35a
Check out

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