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May 1, 2005, 8:54p

My mom finally launched a website for her work, available at

She works at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center, in the Center for Humane and Ethical Medical Care (CHEC). Dr. Arthur Rivin founded CHEC, which is a non-profit, several years ago. One of the goals of CHEC is to educate the public on medicine, ethics and human values. Dr. Rivin puts on monthly conferences and discussion forums for members of the community, doctors, and hospital staff, on very interesting topics like stem cell research, gene therapy, and the brain.

Specifically, my mom focuses on end-of-life issues, with an emphasis on the importance of Advanced Directives. An Advanced Directive is a legal document which communicates a patient's final wishes if she or he is incapacitated and not able to communicate. An Advanced Directive would have prevented the long legal battle in the recent Terri Schiavo case that gained nationial attention.

CHEC also offers
  • One-hour informational sessions on Advance Directives to groups (10 or more people)

  • Psychosocial/spiritual groups for lonely residents in local nursing homes

  • If you're interested, you can donate some moola or donate some time, as they're always looking for good volunteers.

    Congrats on the website mom!

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