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Synopsis: Po Bronson - What Should I Do with My Life
Nov 11, 2003, 11:12p

Po Bronson - What Should I Do with My Life

* Do not let your fear immobilize you. What are you afraid of? We are our own worst enemy.

* Significant change mostly happens through personal failure. If you need to summon the will to change, don't debate ethics. Get personal. If you can define the personal toll it's taking, it hits a lot closer to home. Waiting for the pain that opens up the heart?

* It's ok not to have an answer, but it's not ok to not look for one

* When you're passionate about what you do, time disappears

* Don't pretend that your job is relevant, if it isn't

* People who don't have passions don't struggle

* Just about any profession can be performed with a confidence that it's contributing to the well-being of others -- just as any profession can feel soulless and selfish. You either find the pleasure of connecting with others in your daily reality or you don't.

* Who's at your inner circle? Who's opinions do you respect? Don't live for anyone's approval.

* If you get tired on Sunday nights knowing you have to go to work the next morning, something is wrong.

* In my ideal job, I would work 7 days a week and not get tired or bored, and the mind chatter of discontent stops on its own.

* A career is something you can invest your life in, for some gain

* If you're successful at the wrong thing, the mix of praise and money and opportunity can lock you in forever. It is so, so much harder to leave a good thing.

* Why not get rich, then do your dream? This rarely works out, because you get comfortable.

* Passions are the great organizing forces of the world.

* (Exists changeworld) changeworld != improveworld

* Don't look for a job to break in; look like a player

* Where am I?
Where do I want to go?
and How do I get there?

* Extractable Lessons
#1: Expand your time frames [no]
#2: Have backup plans that lead to the same destination [yes]
#3: Lead a balanced life [perhaps]

* The market says my whims were far more valuable than my passions

* Don't mistake intensity for passion. Intensity is external; passion invokes something inside you.

* Stop looking for a perfect job and start looking for something to devote your life to.

* Have one meaningful conversation per day

* write down your "limiting beliefs", identity statements reseen as self-constraints

* An alternate success story - one where with each "next" the protagonist is closer to finding the spot where he's no longer held back by his heart, and he explodes with talent, and his character blossoms, and the gift he has to offer the world is apparent.

* do not wait for an epiphany!

* being happy isn't hard; finding meaning in one's work is.

* you want to know where your fears are hiding? tell me what you know about yourself. tell me what you can't live without.

* business is a tool to support what you believe in.

* if you find work you care about, your productivity will explode.

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