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Goodbye Facebook
Mar 9, 2012, 8:52p - Blog Update
While deactivating my account, it asks why.

I choose "I don't find Facebook useful."

It suggests "You may find Facebook more useful by connecting to more of your friends."

But I already have 716 "friends". The fact is, the more friends I have, the *less* useful I find Facebook, because there's more crap from random people sitting on my wall. ... more »

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A name change
Jan 3, 2010, 2:55p - Blog Update
I was reading an essay about art and neuroscience out loud to Becca. The more I read, the more insightful it appeared it could have been, yet the more like computer-generated spam it actually sounded. Becca said "That person sounds like they have a lot of interesting ideas, interspersed with nonsense." For some reason, that made me think about my ... more »

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A New Page
Apr 24, 2007, 3:48p - Blog Update
Today I added a new page to my blog. It's an About Me page with a brief biographical sketch of myself. Don't want any RSS readers to miss out.

The other non-syndicated pages on my blog are my book list, my movie list, and my blog list.
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Blog Update
Dec 30, 2006, 3:40a - Blog Update
I've made some updates to the guts and skin of my blog that I wanted to share.

First, I've fixed/masked the slow commenting problem. Now when you submit a comment you'll receive immediate feedback that the comment has been received (via AJAX), instead of watching the browser spin forever. It still takes several minutes for the comment to be published, ... more »

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