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Feb 8, 2015, 8:07p - Photos

I've started posting some photos on Flickr.

Ever since our trip to Europe last summer, I've really gotten back into photography. I used a Sony RX-100 on the trip, and while it took some great panoramas, I found it's highly-automatic nature irritating. Changing the aperture or shutter speed required irritating on-screen dials, and I yearned for a camera like the film Canon AE-1 that I used in high school: manual shutter and aperture dials, and a manual focus ring. Automatic focusing mis-focuses so often I prefer not to use it.

Then I found the Fuji X100T, an APS-C camera with all the manual controls I was looking for. Now when a picture is out of focus, I get to blame myself, instead of a stupid program running on a hunk of metal! I'm surprised that I enjoy the electronic viewfinder over the LCD screen: by filling the field-of-view of my eyes, I can see all the details in the image and whether the focus is sharp much more easily. The APS-C sensor is not as big as full-frame, but the camera is so small and light that if it had to be bigger to be full-frame, I wouldn't go for it. No low-pass sensor and the fixed 35 mm equivalent lens make the images super-sharp. You can barely hear the leaf shutter take a picture, so it is great for discreet shots.

Anyhow, images are on Flickr, if you want to take a look.

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