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A time for feeling
Nov 12, 2013, 11:37p - Fiction

After the first year, sadness hit. It stayed, an unshakeable tug down. Not that he wanted to shake it. It was novel and curiosity encouraged exploration. He hung to the secret hope that now was the starvation that meaned the food.

After the second year, dimness enveloped. Darker and hazier the world became. They still went to the same parties, but people began to notice that they weren't their normal selves. Why it took 2 years to notice... They started asking some, collecting opinions and points of view. They tried to open up, to connect, to find someone who understood, who knew.

After the third year, lifelessness set in. Their relationship was whithering, and their revival attempts feeble. Connected they had been, but that meaning had evaporated. There they still were, without.

Hope remained, in its place.

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Chester - Dec 22, 2013, 6:27p
U okay?

Snowman - Jan 3, 2014, 1:24p
The post was posted within the category of fiction, but it is rather bleak, with the depression described without an accompanying cause. I hope that the post is truly founded in fiction, any relevance to the concrete would be regrettable and invoke my deepest sympathies. The quality of the writing is clear and concise.

« Consciousness as the only true emergence - Sunburn »

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