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A website for Becca's mom
Jul 13, 2011, 10:42a - Business

Becca's mom, Lindy Loya, has been running her own hand therapy center in Arcadia, California for the past 10 years.

What's hand therapy? When you injure your hand or arm and need to recover your ability to use it, your doctor might send you to an occupational hand therapist (that's what Lindy is). Lindy then develops a customized program of exercise and treatments to help you use your hand after the damage has healed or after surgery.

To promote her business and encourage more doctors to recommend patients to her, I recently made a simple website for her clinic:

Loya Hand Rehabilitation Center -

I think the coolest work she does is designing custom splints. Some of those look really mechanically intricate, unlike any splints I'd ever seen before.

Also, she's worked with some really gross conditions and helped them heal up nicely.

If you're near Arcadia and need some help getting your hand to work again, be sure to check out Lindy!

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