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28 Days of Survival Food: Day 4
Jul 28, 2010, 11:40a - Life

OK, I've made it this far. It's been roughly 72 hours since I last ate. My body feels very weak, especially my lower arms (elbow down) and lower legs (knee down), which have been aching in a way that reminds me of growing pains. Becca and I went to see Salt last night, and I couldn't even prop my feet up on the chair because they kept falling asleep. I bet my blood pressure is very low right now - maybe I'll measure it with one of those automated machines on my way home.

Yesterday morning I weighed myself -> 150 lbs.
Yesterday before bed I weighed myself -> 147 lbs.

I normally vary my weight 3 to 5 pounds from waking to sleep time, but normally my weight increases by that amount, not decreases, which is what happened yesterday. We'll see how my weight fluctuates over the next 4 weeks of experiment.

It's worth mentioning that I've been walking 6 miles a day during the fast (and I will for the rest of the experiment), because I've been walking to the lab and back. Weekends I'll probably walk much less.

I also started getting a headache on Day 2, though it seems to have gotten weaker as the days progressed. I'm not sure if it's acually gotten weaker, or whether my mind has been distracted by the aching of my limbs. On survival school I never felt myself getting a headache, I suspect because the overall experience just left no attention for it.

I've been sleeping very well in our bed, though I haven't taken any showers yet. Maybe tonight.

Tonight I will break my fast with a banana and at least a quart of honey tea, which is exactly what we got on Day 4 of survival school (you can see it in the second to last picture on the page). I'll probably eat when I get home, some time around 6-7pm. My next meal after that will be tomorrow night's dinner of survival stew. Hopefully I'll stop feeling this weakness.

I think this might actually mimic survival school pretty well. On survival school I started to feel emotional on Day 4, missing Becca, my parents and brother to tears. I had a strikingly similar experience this morning. As I walked to school, I listened to an acoustic song about someone dying, and unexpectedly the tears welled up big-time. I guess I'm more vulnerable in this state, more sensitive and less in control of my emotional mind.

So far so good. I think this might actually work.

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Nicky - Jul 28, 2010, 9:39a
I am very impressed Nikhil, but I must say the Jewish mother in me would like to feed you and I am going to resist that when I see you next. The emotional experience is interesting to me. On a side note, Salt must have been an interesting choice of movies to watch when you are so weak, with all of the crazy action and all. I hope your weakness resides. I look forward to your posts~
With admiration~n

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