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Survival School: Day 9
Jul 23, 2007, 11:46p - Life

Day 5 of group ex. Hannes & Ted leading, Abe & Cliff in sweep. Packed up, but didn't feel like shitting today. 6 mile hike to Pleasant Lake, mostly flat. Hannes keeping a fast pace, a bit too fast for my tastes. Learned about bearings. Very hungry, ate GORP continuously all day, one at a time. Gave Brit Nic a peanut which he held in his mouth for 5 min, so I gave him another one. Testing self-control, as he ate all his GORP in 3 days. Overall, the English boys (Nic & Rob) seem pretty spoiled & expect to get what they want, Nic more than Rob. Hannes climbed a tree @ the first checkpoint, which I took a photo of.

Hannes being a monkey - this tree was probably 30-40 ft tall

That guy is an animal - intelligent artist & outdoorsman, though a but judgmental of others (though aren't we all). Plan to keep in touch w/ him. Few breaks today. Weather cold & windy & chilly & nippy. Got lots of dirt in my hair from sleeping on the ground. Brief stop @ Big Lake. Got to Pleasant Lake around ~3 pm, built shelter w/ Hannes & Leland, best one yet. I really liked it. Worked on fireset - have all pieces ready now, except the top stone. Plan to make fire for tomorrow's dinner. Dinner was fine, though more watery than usual because we're running low on rations. I'm really hungry, & somehow our food is not giving me much pleasure - probably because it lacks good flavor, but also maybe because I'm OK w/ not having it. I don't strongly desire it, maybe because I know I don't need much to survive. It's an anhedonia of sorts, a detachment. Not sure if it's a good thing, but feel stronger because of it.

After dinner, built up the fire & hung out. Worked on my top stone as my spindle is slipping out of it. Rained off & on, but not too hard. Stayed up late, just shooting the shit w/ Jeff, Abe, Leland, & Hannes & Ted. Ted is an interesting guy, unlike anyone I've ever met. He's 57, lives on a boat, & embodies the close-to-nature lifestyle. Surfs. Doesn't seem too intellectual, but is smart in other ways. Went to sleep, woke up on & off. Peed 2x. Had some crazy dreams - in one, I was back @ Windward visiting. Brand new gym & huge locker room & student center across the bridge. People recognized me, though I didn't them. Tin was there - left locker rooms, then a bomb went off, chaos - police everywhere, I drove back & car was out of control. Bomb was in locker room - smoke & gunpowder everywhere. Principal helping students leave - suspect worked in basement - odd elevators to basement, old & mechanical, rotational spring/coil. Now connected to water park - get in line. All I remember. Also - 3 large Big screens on campus continuously showing ads! Totally lame. 2nd dream - in a coffee house, having a party. Someone working on a video production on their laptop, I'm helping. They ask me how survival school went, & I tell them I'm there right now, sleeping in a tent, & it's pouring (it wasn't actually), & damn it, I have to go back. So much for the momentary escape! Wake up. Slept OK overall, not too cold, figured out how to wrap blanket all around me & cover my head. Feet still cold, even w/ 2 socks [each].

[Written on day 10]

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george - Jun 10, 2008, 3:28p
Its amazing the ....differences the generations have. I am so sorry your' generation has to grow up in a time of such violence as has occurred on campuses, etc. that it becomes a feature in your dream.

Violence has existed almost as long as man (Cain & Able), but is worse now than if we look back at the horrendous stories from the bible.

as they grow wise they become as fools,or something like that.

well atleast you have been given the gift of seeing life for what it really is. And I believe you are wise enough to recognize that.

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