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Survival School: Day 6
Jul 20, 2007, 10:55p - Life

Day 2 of Group Ex: Jeff & Brit Nic in lead, Ben & Yogi Nick Ph. in sweep. Today was a tough day for me. Dismal scenery - in a canyon most of the day, damn hot. Began questioning why the hell I was out here - it's the most masochistic thing I've ever done. Talked to Hannes, Abe, & Jeff & Pinky about it. Mostly vague answers, but they agreed that right there & then it wasn't fun. Jeff, arrogant as he is, started w/ his trite aphorisms, & I just got angry w/ him. I told him he should say something specific or not say anything at all. All his talk of "wisdom" vs. "knowledge", how he was just like me 5 years ago. Bullshit, he doesn't even know me or where I'm coming from. Thought about what I'm going to get out of this specifically. 2 things: if I'm in a shitty situation, I'll be able to feel better knowing I've been in a shittier one. 2nd, I'll be proud knowing I've accomplished this ridiculous task. But is that enough? I'm hopeful I'll learn more, but we'll see.

The day's hike was ridiculous. Spent half the day navigating rocky ravines after leaving the cave. Talked more about evolution, & time, & food. Lots of philosophy w/ Abe. Talked religion w/ Ben & Abe & Hannes after we got out of the ravine. Ridiculous slick rock climb, waited an hour so Cliff could do it.

Abe halfway up the slick rock mountain, taking a break. Steepest climb I've ever done.

Must have climbed 2000 ft at a really steep elevation. Not stupid enough to wear Birk's today. View @ the top was nice.

Me @ the top of the mountain.

Closer view of me & the mountain

Self-portrait on top of the mountain, on day 6

Ted, Jeff, Nick Ph., & Ben taking a break on top of the mountain. I was surprised to see such a large plateau extend before us.

Walked across a plateau, then scaled down the mountain. Carried Cliff's pack for a bit, we took turns. Got down to highway 12, crossed, and camped near it next to a river. Very cold that night - made ash cakes [spelt flour + water baked on the coals] w/ salt & pepper, very tasty. Slept next to Hannes, & figured out how to turn my poncho into a sleeping bag, waterproof! Very cold, first time we got a clear sky so we could see tons of stars & the Milky Way. Stayed up late talking w/ Abe, Leland, & Hannes. Everyone else goes to bed so early. Slept OK - dinner was OK, I'm sort of tired of it actually.

[written on Day 8]

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