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Survival School: Day 11
Jul 25, 2007, 11:12p - Life

Woke up @ Five Lakes. Ate the last breakfast of Group Ex - a few oats, milk, sugar, & cinnamon. Didn't sleep much, so pretty tired & quiet & isolated all day. Packed up. Took my 3rd shit, first in 4 days. I'm getting better at it, though it's still a pain.

Self-portrait on day 11, outside Five Lakes

And another one...

And yet another one...

Started down the trail, walking mostly w/ Leland. Jeff & Abe leading, Cliff sweeping. Final day of Group Ex! Still very fatigued & quiet. Talked to Nick Ph. about yoga, Ted about his life. Ted is a person unlike any other I've ever met - lives on his boat, carpenter in Half Moon Bay. Very independent, unconventional lifestyle. Very inexpensive. At first glance you'd think he's a homeless person. Talked to Pinky about his holding company & skiing. Had to trek through 1 KM of boulders & fallen aspen coming down Boulder Mtn - intense, more intense than the previous fallen Aspen. Nap @ McGath Lake (pic).

McGath Lake - not a great pic, but a pretty nice lake

Got blister on left pinky toe - put on moleskin to reduce pressure. Also getting blisters on the heels of each foot - took 11 days to develop my first blister. My thighs are getting skinnier, though my belly is still going strong. Time is really stopping out here - nothing seems to matter except for what is happening right here. Abe brought me out of my stupor - talked philosophy, neuroscience, subjective vs. objective, what he should do with his life. Talked for several hours, a great conversation. Got me out of my bad mood. Down the mountain 3000'.

View coming down the mountain. Our campsite can be seen in the lower right clearing.

Arrived @ campsite, tired. Made burrito/sarcophagus, cooked our best meal yet - very peppery & milky & tasty goodness. Finished off our rations. Sugar & cinnamon hot milk for desert - so good. Pine needle tea w/ Hannes' group. A couple tasty hot cakes from others. Went to bed, best sleep all trip. Burrito works great, only woke up maybe 4 times, 2x to pee. So hot I needed to take my clothes off down to underwear only. Dreamed of a wedding in Vegas, drinks, video games, & a drink made in a bathtub. The sleep was amazing.

[Written on day 12]

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