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Jul 15, 2007, 10:52p - Life

Sleeping is getting a bit easier. I'm dreaming 2-3 times a night. Brief recap:

5 hour drive from Provo to Boulder. We stopped 3 times on the way. 2 vans. Intro from Josh (Field Director) at BOSS property. [He reminded us that no matter how bad we feel out there, we should remember that it was always] "better than dirt." [In other words, the key to keeping it together is to compare down, not up.] Ran 1.5 mi test in 14:15 (elevation of ~7K ft). Ate lunch of roast beef sandwich, chips, apple juice and peach. Everyone is chill - no rush to get the show on the road. Group N61-A [is the internal name of our group]. Name game - "the winds are blowing for a change."

Students Ted, Nick Ph., & Jeff at school HQ, outside the hut with extra gear. Note the "official" school sign with phone number obscured.

Ted & Nick Ph., with teepee in background

Gear check. How to tie the versacloth. How to tie the blanket pack. Knife safety - "blood bubble." [Your "blood bubble" is an imaginary bubble around your body who's edge is defined by how far you can reach with the hand that wields the knife.] Drank lots of water and pissed a lot. Used knife to sharpen a pencil. [We're supposed to] collect all knife shavings. Loaded up van, drove into the desert for a while. Stopped, at night, dark, can see stars. Hiked for a while, learned to hoot [a way to communicate simple things over long distances], found place to sleep. Got cold, wore everything except long underwear, fitful sleep. Dreamt about mom being temperamental. Fetal position is the warmest, though hip starts to hurt and hands fall asleep, blood pinched off.

[Written on Day 4]

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John - Jun 14, 2010, 7:43a
Way to be man. I wish I journaled as much as you did about my 28 day. Or took as many photo's.

It's cool to read about similarities.

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