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Dream: Concentration Camp
Oct 21, 2006, 10:30a

I'm in an immigration concentration camp. It looks like a large junkyard - there's old equipment and cars and trucks strewn everywhere. I'd estimate that there are several thousand people living here - we all look like street sleepers. I walk over to a large truck as it's examined by a "man-in-charge". The truck is large, maybe 30 ft in length, and the main level of the truck is empty. The man deems it suitable, and sends it to the machine. I look under the bottom of the truck, lifting up some fabric that covers the bottom all the way around. I see 20 men sitting there, hiding, this place is their home. They sit 10 rows of 2, and they're frightened as the truck moves toward the machine. The entrance to the machine is in the kitchen of a house, and the truck slowly makes its way in. I'm sitting in front of this under-level with a young Korean woman, and we can see into the machine's mouth. There are all sorts of nets and fans and covers and gears and noise as we peer inside. The truck goes in, we all expect to die. This is our punishment for hiding beneath the truck. We roll through the nets and fans and drapes and gears and pop out the bottom. The truck is gone, and we're left covered in wedding gowns. We come out as brides, every single one of us in a white puffy gown with veil.

The Korean woman removes her gown and runs back up to the house. We walk into the kitchen and she starts kissing the mouth of the machine, which looks like a standard, over-sized refrigerator with its door shut. She smiles and cries and kisses and thanks the machine for letting us live. She asks me for a piggyback ride, jumping on my back. She's small, and I have some trouble at first, finally catching my balance and walking with her on my back. There's another small woman there, and she asks the Korean woman for a piggyback while she's on by back, a triple-decker. We don't try it, instead walking out the door. It's started to rain, and the horns are blaring. It's curfew, and we're told to get off the streets. We start running east, and look over our shoulders as a big black woman sees us and yells "South, go south, you need to go south," pointing to her left. "You mustn't go that way," nodding in the direction we were running. We run back and run South as it drizzles. We don't know what's happening, and hope we don't get caught.

I can't believed we're forcing people to live this way, I think. This is so fucked up.

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Charles - Nov 4, 2006, 2:15a
This results from the failure of our legal and constitutional system Law schools and bad judges help to cause this failure. The Constutution was written to protect all persons, not just citizens.

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